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Plan B for student loan repayment

After the Supreme Court's ruling, Joe Biden has launched a new initiative with the Higher Education Act that will forgive some student loans.
Supreme Court Block- July 1st 2023

6 Key Dates - Student Forgiveness

It can be challenging to keep track in this current environment of deadlines and key dates. Here is a breakdown.
Student Loan Pause Expires October 1st

Supreme Court Ruling on Student Loan

The Supreme Court will soon rule on the historic student loan repayment plan proposed by President Joe Biden.
Decision Expected on Friday, June 23rd



Frequently Asked Questions

Trust is the foundation of all our client relationships. We understand that building trust is essential. Listening more than talking is the first step. Listening effectively helps us identify the goals and concerns of our clients, so we can develop tailored debt relief solutions.

We are the best in the business when it comes to customer service because we always act with our clients’ best interests at heart. The track record of our company speaks for itself. Thousands of clients are helped each month to start on their debt relief journey. We’ve also helped thousands of clients take control of thousands of dollars of their federal student loan debt. We are extremely proud of our growth within the industry.

Off course. If you have to leave school and cannot afford your federal student loan payments, there are a still ways to take control of your student debt.

If you are eligible for forgiveness, cancellation or discharge of your entire amount, you will no longer be required to make payments for your program. If you only qualify for a partial forgiveness, cancellation or discharge, you are still responsible for the remainder of your loan for which, we can develop tailored debt control solutions.

The forbearance period (pause) on federal student loans has been extended one final time until June 30 of 2023. The extension was granted in order to protect borrowers until the legal issues surrounding forgiveness were resolved. Given the determination in legislation passed by Congress, the student loan payment pause is coming to an end. Interest resumes on September 1 of 2023, and payments are due in October.

No. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), student loan amounts forgiven under PSLF are not considered income for tax purposes. For more information, check with the IRS or a tax advisor.

The Biden administration’s plan for debt relief does not apply to students who have private student loans. Borrowers that have consolidated federal student loans with a private firm are also not eligible because the federal government no longer holds their loans.

Consolidation Loans can be obtained by most Federal Education Loan borrowers. They are offered in two forms: Direct Consolidation Loans or Federal Consolidation Loans.

What People Are Saying

Outstanding Support

I am very happy to report the positive and professional treatment I’ve received. My representative Mr. Richard Gray has been nothing less than an angel. Every time I call for any clarifications, he is expeditious in his response and very courteous. This entire process has been very stressful for me. However I truly feel well supported and represented. I truly recommend anyone to utilize their services

Ernest Cherriokee

money saved

I’ve been meaning to get in a better situation with my outstanding student loan debt. Can be overwhelming when looking at those figures. The representative was very clear, informative, and genuine. Was a pleasure to speak with someone who cared . I’m very happy with my experience. Thank you very much!


Highly recommend

I have been paying my loans for some time with a lot of interest fees, but saw no debt reduction. Thanks to USA Student Debt Relief, I came to realize that if I had been enrolled in a program like theirs, I would have already ended my debt and the loans would have been discharged. It’s not just about the amount of money you lose. It’s also about losing valuable time.
David Hatton

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IBR Plan
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IBR (Income Base Repayment)

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Adjustable Payment


Pay As You Earn
$19low as/month

PAYE (Pay As You Earn)

Convenient Online Processing 

October 1, 2007 and after

Percentage Income Base

$33low as/month

Revised Pay As You Earn

Forgiven Amount Taxable 

10% of Income Payment

Adjusted Annually 

All the estimate values are approximations based on the federal poverty level (FPL)

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